October 19, 2011

1-4 PM: Ocean Circulation Research Seminar: A Stakeholder Forum E38-300

Ocean Circulation marks the second of our science seminar series, wherein five principal investigators funded by the Sea Grant program present the outcomes and accomplishments of their research. This series of forums is envisioned as an opportunity to dialogue with constituents and stakeholders, promote networking, and receive input on outreach programs to deliver economic, societal and/or environmental benefits from our funded research.

Click here for the program. Each speaker presents for 25 minutes, then answers questions from the audience. Please join us at 1:00 p.m. in the E38-300 conference room to listen, learn and participate in this stakeholder forum.

Speakers, in order of presentation:
Wendell S. Brown, UMASS-Dartmouth Dept. of Estuarine and Ocean Sciences; “Transient Tidal Eddy Motion in the Great South Channel: Gulf of Maine”

Changsheng Chen, UMASS-Dartmouth Dept. of Fisheries Oceanography; “Model Assessment of Water Quality Conditions and OSSEs for Design of Dissolved Oxygen Monitoring in Mass Bay”

Robert Beardsley, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, “FVCOM Inundation Model System: application to the December 26, 2010 Nor-ester in Scituate and the March 11, 2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami-induced Inundation”

John Leonard, MIT Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, “A Long-term View of AUV Navigation"

Nicholas Makris, MIT Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, “Quantifying Hurricane Destructive Power with Natural Undersea Sound"

RSVP appreciated, to Gayle Sherman, gsherman@mit.edu

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