September 28, 2011

MIT Sea Grant to Bring Sea Perch to Boy Scout "Camporee" in NH, Oct. 8

On October 8th, as many as two-thousand boy scouts will head out to the weekend-long "Boy Scout Camporee" hosted by Scouts New England at the Waterville Valley Ski resort, in New Hampshire.

MIT Sea Grant will be there, showing the scouts how to operate the simple-to-build, remotely operated underwater vehicle called Sea Perch. Two controller podiums will be set up at a lake onsite giving the scouts real experience maneuvering the underwater vehicle in a natural environment.

About Sea Perch
The Sea Perch is a simple, remotely operated underwater vehicle, or ROV, made from PVC pipe and other inexpensive, easily available materials.

The Sea Perch Program, created by the MIT Sea Grant College Program in 2003, trains educators across the United States and around the world to build the Sea Perch. Teachers then work with students to build their own Sea Perches and deploy them on research missions in nearby bodies of water.

The hands-on Sea Perch experience is a gateway to further study and careers in robotics, engineering, marine sciences and more.


Deploying a Sea Perch, remotely operated underwater vehicle.

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