July 23, 2010

Ocean Engineering Experience Students test Wind Turbine and marine ROV of their own designs Friday, July 30, MIT Sailing Pavilion

Cambridge, MA, July 23 – The MIT Ocean Engineering Experience (OEX), a new, week-long summer academic program, begins Monday, July 25 with high school students from Georgia, Washington, Maryland and Massachusetts. A final demonstration event will take place Friday, July 30th at 3 PM at MIT’s Sailing Pavilion. OEX is jointly sponsored by the MIT Sea Grant Program and the MIT Center for Ocean Engineering.

OEX is a hands-on residential camp at MIT that introduces participants to the fields of marine science and ocean engineering as applied specifically to marine vehicles and marine structures. Topics covered during the week will include forces and moments, basic electric circuits, DC motors, engineering design, and basic engineering measurements and analysis. Instruction, utilizing state-of-the-art laboratories of the Center for Ocean Engineering at MIT, is provided by MIT graduate and undergraduate students, research staff and faculty with experience in robotics, ocean engineering, mechanical engineering and other related expertise.

OEX students, who were chosen in a competitive application process, will be engaged in a real world scientific problem that takes teamwork, science and engineering to solve. OEX students will design, test and build an offshore floating wind turbine as well as design, test and build a remotely operated vehicle that interacts with the turbine. The final demonstration of their projects will take place Friday, July 30, 3 PM, at the MIT Sailing Pavilion (MIT Building 51) located at 134 Memorial Drive in Cambridge, Mass.

The mission of the MIT Sea Grant College Program is to employ innovative research, education and outreach strategies to responsibly use and sustain the vital marine resources of Massachusetts. The issues we address manifest locally but many are global in nature. Compelling challenges demand our attention as a solo entity and in partnership with other groups living and working on the coasts and at sea. MIT Sea Grant brings the substantial intellectual abilities of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and our sister universities to bear on ocean-related challenges requiring an extraordinary technical contribution. In meeting these challenges, we expand human understanding of the ocean and establish the infrastructure to sustain the initiatives and talent pool needed to address complex issues of critical and fragile marine resources.

MIT Sea Grant College Program
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Ocean Engineering Experience Wind turbine and ROV Demo Friday, July 30, MIT Sailing Pavilion.

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