MIT Sea Grant Publications

The Crosslinking and Antimicrobial Properties of Tunichrome
Mingmei Cai, Manackam Sugumaran, William E Robinson,
2008, MITSG 08-13J
Journal, book, proceeding reprints

Nuclear and Cytosolic Distribution of Metallothionein in the Blue Mussel Mytilus edulis L.
Erika del Castillio, William E Robinson
2008, MITSG 08-23J
Journal, book, proceeding reprints

The Decline of Fisheries Resources in New England: Evaluating the Impact of Overfishing, Contamination, and Habitat Degradation
Robert Buchsbaum, Judith A Pederson, William E Robinson
2005, MITSG 05-05

Vanadium Transport in Animal Systems
Kenneth Kustin, William E Robinson
1997, MITSG 97-11
Technical reports

14C- and 3H- Tyrosine Incorporation into Ascida Certodes Tunichrome in Vivo.
William E Robinson, Kenneth Kustin, Kimberly Matulef, David L. Parry; Xiaoying He; Evelyn K. Ryan
1996, MITSG 97-14
Technical reports

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