MIT Sea Grant Publications

Fiber and Yarn Properties as Related to Rope Deployment in Deep Sea Moorings.
Stanley Backer, Moon H. Seo, Hwai-Chung Wu, Lata Misra
1991, MITSG 91-26
Technical reports

A Stochastic Treatment of Rope Strength Prediction
Hwai-Chung Wu, John F. Mandall, Stanley Backer
1990, MITSG 90-19
Technical reports

Modeling of Synthetic Fiber Ropes Deterioration Caused by Internal Abrasion and Tensile Fatigue
Moon H. Seo, Stanley Backer, John F. Mandall
1990, MITSG 90-18
Technical reports

Mechanics of Degradation in Marine Rope
Stanley Backer, Moon H. Seo
1987, MITSG 87-14J
Technical reports

Structures with Partial Frictional Constraints
Stanley Backer, P. Hsu
1987, MITSG 87-15J
Technical reports