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MIT Sea Grant Publications

A Diffusive Transport Mechanism for Fine Sediment
Ole S. Madsen, Sanjay Pahuba, Zhang Hong, Eng Soon Chan
2002, MITSG 02-11J
Technical reports

Waves and Currents Over a Fixed Rippled Bed
Paul P. Mathisen, Ole Madsen
1996, MITSG 96-18J
Technical reports

Laboratory Study of the Effect of Sea Walls on Beach Erosion
Paul M. Moody, Ole Madsen
1995, MITSG 95-03
Technical reports

Bottom Roughness for Wave and Current Boundary Layer Flows over a Rippled Bed
Paul P. Mathisen, Ole Madsen
1993, MITSG 93-27
Technical reports

Spectral Wave Attenuation by Bottom Friction: Theory
Ole Madsen, Ying-Keung Poon, Hans C. Graber
1990, MITSG 89-23J
Technical reports

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