Chief Software Engineer, MIT Sea Grant AUV Lab


MIT Sea Grant Publications

Adapting a Survey-Class AUV for High Resolution Seafloor Imaging
Jim Morash, Robert Damus, Samuel Desset, V. Polidoro, and C. Chryssostomidis
2005, MITSG 05-22
Technical reports

Closer to Deep Underwater Science with ODYSSEY IV Class Hovering Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (HAUV)
Samuel Desset, Robert Damus, Franz Hover, J.ames Morash; Victor Polidoro
2005, MITSG 05-12J
Technical reports

A New Paradigm for Ship Hull Inspection Using a Holonomic Hover-capable AUV
Robert Damus, Samuel Desset, Jim Morash, Victor Polidoro; Franz Hover; Jerome Vaganay; Scott Willcox
2004, MITSG 05-14J
Technical reports

A Wearable Vehicle Interface for Augmented Reality in Operating AUVs
Robert Damus, Jim Morash, Chryssostomos Chryssostomidis
2003, MITSG 03-35J
Technical reports

Design of an Inspection Class Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
Robert Damus, Justin Manley, Samuel Desset, J. Morash, and C. Chryssostomidis
2002, MITSG 02-15J
Technical reports