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Michael Triantafyllou is the Henry L. and Grace Doherty Professor in Ocean Science and Engineering in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is the Director of the MIT Sea Grant Program.

He teaches and has published over 350 journal articles and refereed conference papers in the areas of biomimetics, dynamics and control of marine systems, cable mechanics, and experimental fluid mechanics. He pioneered the development of science-driven biomimetic robots to study the basic mechanisms of flow control that lead to the outstanding agility of fish and cetaceans. The RoboTuna original design is at the Science Museum in London, while a second version of the robot shown at left, is on exhibit at the MIT Museum. He is currently studying the physics of flow sensing in fish and marine mammals to achieve super-maneuverability in ocean vehicles through flow feedback control.

He has served as Associate Department Head in the Department of Mechanical Engineering (2008-2010) and has been a Visiting Scientist at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution since 1991. He is serving on the American Bureau of Shipping’s Marine Technical Committee (2015-). He served as Chairman of the Board of the National Technical University of Athens (2013-2017).

MIT Sea Grant Publications

Soft polymer membrane micro-sensor arrays inspired by the mechanosensory lateral line on the blind cavefish
Ajay G.P. Kottapalli, Mohsen Asadnia, Jianmin Miao, Michael Triantafyllou
2014, MITSG 14-10
Journal, book, proceeding reprints

Development and testing of bio-inspired MEMS pressure sensor arrays for increased situational awareness by marine vehicles
J. Dusek, A. G. P. Kottapalli, M. E. Woo, M. E. Asadnia, J. Miao, Jeffrey H. Lang, Michael Triantafyllou
2013, MITSG 13-03
Journal, book, proceeding reprints

Flexible and Surface-Mountable Piezoelectric Sensor Arrays for Underwater Sensing in Marine Vehicles
Mohsen Asadnia, Ajay G.P. Kottapalli, Zhiyuan Shen, Jianmin Miao, Michael Triantafyllou
2013, MITSG 13-47
Journal, book, proceeding reprints

Calibration and validation of a harbor seal whisker-inspired flow sensor
Heather Beem, Matthew Hildner, Michael Triantafyllou
2013, MITSG 13-46
Journal, book, proceeding reprints

Global vorticity shedding for a vanishing wing
Martin S. Wibawa, S. C. Steele, J. M. Dahl, D. E. Rival, G. D. Weymouth, Michael S. Triantafyllou
2012, MITSG 12-12
Journal, book, proceeding reprints

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