MIT Sea Grant Publications

Conserving Energy with No Watt Left Behind
Steve Leeb, James Kirtley
2011, MITSG 11-07
Technical reports

Report on Research in Education ESRDC
Steve Leeb, James Kirtley
Technical reports

FPGA-Based Spectral Envelope Preprocessor for Power Monitoring and Control
Zachary Remscrim, James Paris, Steve Leeb, Steven R. Shaw, Sabrina Neuman, Christopher Schantz, Sean Muller, Sarah Page
2010, MITSG 10-27
Technical reports

How much DC power is necessary?
Steve Leeb, James Kirtley, Warit Wichakool, Zachary Remscrim, Chad Tidd, J. Andrew Goshorn, Kevin Thomas, Robert W Cox, Rachel Chaney
2010, MITSG 10-28
Journal, book, proceeding reprints

Scalability of Non-intrusive Load Monitoring for Shipboard Applications
James Paris, Zachary Remscrim, Steve Leeb, K. Dougals, R. W. Cox, S. T. Galvin, S. G. Coe, J. R. Haag, J. An. Goshorn
2009, MITSG 09-23
Technical reports

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