Senior Fisheries and Aquaculture Engineer; Project Director, Center for Fisheries Engineering Research; Marine Advisory Leader, MIT Sea Grant College Program



MIT Sea Grant Publications

Automatic Trawl Door Altitude Control for Reduced Seabed Impacts
Clifford Goudey, Gary F. Loverich
Technical reports

Listening to Fish: Applications of Passive Acoustics to Fisheries Science
Rodney Rountree, R. Grant Gilmore, Clifford Goudey, Anthony D. Hawkins; Joseph J. Luczkovich; David A. Mann
2006, MITSG 06-06J
Journal, book, proceeding reprints

Listening to Fish: Passive Acoustic Applications in Marine Fisheries: Conference Proceedings
Rodney Rountree, Clifford Goudey, Tony Hawkins
2003, MITSG 03-02
Workshops, proceedings, symposia

Listening to Fish: an International Workshop on the Applications of Passive Acoustics to Fisheries (brochure)
Rodney Rountree, Clifford Goudey, Tony Hawkins, Joeseph J. Luczkovich; David Mann
2003, MITSG 03-01
Promotional brochures

Mitigating the environmental effects of mariculture through single-point moorings (SPMS) and drifting cages
Clifford Goudey, Gary F. Loverich, H. Kite-Powell, B.A. Costa-Pierce
2001, MITSG 01-14J
Technical reports

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