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MIT Sea Grant Publications

Implementation of a Fuzzy Controller for Waypoint Following on an Autonomous Boat: A Teaching Tool
T. W. Vaneck, T. W. Rodriguez, T. Consi, C. Goudey
1996, MITSG 95-12J
Technical reports

Exploration of Turbulent Odor Plumes with an Autonomous Underwater Robot
T. Consi, F. Grasso, D. Mountain, J. Atema
1996, MITSG 96-03J
Technical reports

A Second Generation Survey AUV
James G Bellingham, Clifford A. Goudey, Thomas Consi, J.W. Bales, D.K. Atwood, J.J. Leonard and C. Chryssostomidis.
1994, MITSG 94-26J

AUV Guidance with Chemical Signals
T. Consi, J. Atema, C. A. Goudey, J. Cho; C. Chryssostomidis
1994, MITSG 94-13J
Technical reports

Hyperbolic Acoustic Navigation for Underwater Vehicles: Implementation and Demonstration
James G Bellingham, Thomas Consi, Usha Tedrow, Massa Diane Di
1992, MITSG 93-16J
Technical reports

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