MIT Student Researcher/Programmer


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Karim (Husayn) Karimi came to MIT Sea Grant as an intern during the summer of 2012 after completing the 9th grade. During that time, he developed a mobile application to collect water temperature data and stamp pieces with time and location. This application could be used for Sea Grant to parse through high numbers of data uploaded by multiple users. That year he also developed a system to remotely monitor pH and temperature of bioluminescent algae for an experiment being run by visiting professor George Kalliris.

Karimi’s work was so valuable to MIT Sea Grant that he was invited back the following year. He spent the summer of 2013 as a student researcher/programmer working with MIT Sea Grant researchers on the Robot Operating System (ROS) in Python to test autonomy and remote communication on small model ships. This was used in a proposal by MIT Sea Grant Consultant Daniel Sura to possibly start using ROS on SeaPerch.

Finally, this past summer, Karimi joined us yet again to work with MIT Sea Grant Research Engineer Mike DeFilippo on upgrading system autonomy on the REX III to streamline the deployment process. He wrote MOOS (Mission Oriented Operating Suite) applications in C++ to run the deployment of the REX from the roof of the unmanned surface vehicle (USV) that Sea Grant will be receiving after the completion of the Robot-X competition. The goal is to have the USV travel autonomously to a waypoint, deploy the REX, bring it back up after a mission, and come back to the dock without human interaction. The MOOS application will send REX data to the MOOSDB that other parts of the vessel can use to make decisions. DeFilippo and Karimi have built a mount to attach the REX to the top of the vessel. This project is ongoing, as it hasn't been tested on the USV yet.

Karimi continues to be employed at MIT Sea Grant part-time as he completes his final year of high school. He is collaborating on small, mostly software projects under the guidance of MIT Sea Grant’s Director, Professor Chryssostomidis, and others.

In his free time, Karimi plays pick-up Ultimate Frisbee at the Harvard rugby fields and often plays Bughouse, a unique 4-player chess variation, on the Free Internet Chess Server (fics).