Numerics in Computational Engineering (NiCE)

Numerical simulation is playing an increasingly important role in many ocean-related areas, such as regional forecasting, exploring novel designs for underwater communications, or even designing new vessels based on novel hydrodynamic concepts. The NiCE group at MIT Sea Grant - with expertise in multi-scale mathematics and high performance computing – aims to develop new modeling and simulation methods in order to complement and enhance ongoing funded experimental and field experiments related to the aforementioned topics.


Multi-Scale Data Assimilation Methods

One example of synergistic research activities is the new data assimilation methods for regional modeling developed by the NiCE group in collaboration with the MIT Sea Grant principal investigators, Changshen Chen and Robert Beardsley.

Predictive Modeling via CFD: Design and Performance Evaluation of Propulsion Devices

In this project we investigate effective designs of new marine propellers and waterjets in order to evaluate their performance under realistic conditions using advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) tools.

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