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New high fidelity numerical model to mitigate coastal flooding problems
Lillie M. Paquette
2014, MITSG 14-14
Videos / DVDs

An exploration for deep-sea fish sounds off Vancouver Island from the NEPTUNE Canada ocean observing system
Carrie C. Wall, Rodney Rountree, Corinne Pomerleau, Francis Juanes
2014, MITSG 14-05
Journal, book, proceeding reprints

Design and Implementation of a Wireless Video Camera Network for Coastal Erosion Monitoring
Yuting Zhang, Benjamen R. Wetherill, Robert F. Chen, Francesco Peri, Peter Rosen, Thomas D.C. Little
2013, MITSG 13-38
Journal, book, proceeding reprints

Impact of current-wave interaction on storm surge simulation: A case study for Hurricane Bob
Yunfang Sun, Changsheng Chen, Robert C C Beardsley, Qichun Xu, Jianhua Qi, Huichan Lin
2013, MITSG 13-25
Journal, book, proceeding reprints

Coastal flooding in Scituate (MA): A FVCOM study of the 27 December 2010 nor’easter
Robert C. Beardsley, Changsheng Chen, Qichun Xu
2013, MITSG 13-24
Journal, book, proceeding reprints

Extratropical storm inundation testbed: Intermodel comparisons in Scituate, Massachusetts
Changsheng Chen, Robert C. Beardsley, Richard A. Luettich Jr., Joannes J. Westerink, Harry Wang, Will Perrie, Qichun Xu, Aaron S. Donahue, Jianhua Qi, Huichan Lin, Liuzhi Zhao, Patrick C. Kerr, Yanqiu Meng, Bash Toulany
2013, MITSG 13-23
Journal, book, proceeding reprints

Remote identification of the invasive tunicate Didemnum vexillum using reflectance spectroscopy
Thomas Leeuw, Seth O. Newburg, Emmanuel Boss, Wayne Slade, Michael Soroka, Judith A. Pederson, Chrys Chryssostomidis, Franz Hover
2013, MITSG 13-13
Journal, book, proceeding reprints

Advancing an Ecosystem Approach in the Gulf of Maine
Robert L. Stephenson, John H. Annala, Jeffrey A. Runge, Madeleine Hall-Arber
2012, MITSG 12-36

Ocean Sciences Quiz
2012, MITSG 12-34
Internet resources, topical websites

State GIS Infrastructure and Local Comprehensive Planning Activity in Northeast Coastal Watershed
Hannah Dean, John Duff
2012, MITSG 12-32

Development of a combined multi-sensor/signal processing architecture for improved in-situ quantification of the charge balance of natural waters
Amy V. Mueller
2012, MITSG 12-29
Full theses / dissertations

An unstructured-grid, finite-volume community ocean model FVCOM user manual (3rd edition)
Changsheng Chen, Robert C Beardsley, Geoffrey Cowles, Jianhua Qi, Zhiqang Lai, Guoping Gao, David Stuebe, Qichun Xu, Pengfei Xue, Jianzhong Ge, Rubao Ji, Song Hu, Rucheng Tian, Haosheng Huang, Lunyu Wu, Huichan Lin
2012, MITSG 12-25
Technical reports

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Measures Didemnum Infestation
Seth Newburg, Michael Soroka, Judy A Pederson, Gregory Booma, Franz Hover, Chryssostomos Chryssostomidis
2012, MITSG 12-03
General reports, fact sheets, posters

Wetland-estuarine-shelf interactions in the Plum Island sound and Merrimack River in the Massachusetts Coast
Liuzhi Zhao, Changsheng Chen, Joe Vallino, Charles Hopkinson, Robert C Beardsley, Huichan Lin, Jim Lerczak
2011, MITSG 11-06
Journal, book, proceeding reprints

Northeast Coastal Ocean Forecast System (NECOFS) poster
Robert C Beardsley, Changsheng Chen
2010, MITSG 10-23
Technical reports

A New Model System Aimed to Simulate Interdisciplinary Multi-Scale Oceanic Processes: A Tool for Great Lakes’ Ecosystem
Changsheng Chen, Robert C Beardsley
2009, MITSG 09-34

Design and Performance of Odyssey IV: A Deep Ocean Hover-Capable AUV
Justin Eskesen, Dylan Owens, Michael Soroka, James Morash, Franz Hover, Chryssostomos Chryssostomidis, Jim Morash, Franz Hover, Chryssostomos Chryssostomidis
2009, MITSG 09-08
Technical reports

The Northeast Coastal Ocean Forecast System (NECOFS): An Example of Sub-regions in Buzzard Bay
Changsheng Chen
2008, MITSG 08-55

The Northeast Coastal Ocean Forecast System (NECOFS) and Storm Surge and Inundation Prediction: Status and Initial Ideas
Changsheng Chen, Robert C Beardsley
2008, MITSG 08-54

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How pharmaceuticals and personal care products affect our environment: and what you can do to make a difference
Juliet Simpson
2014, MITSG 14-02
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