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An exploration for deep-sea fish sounds off Vancouver Island from the NEPTUNE Canada ocean observing system
Carrie C. Wall, Rodney Rountree, Corinne Pomerleau, Francis Juanes
2014, MITSG 14-05
Journal, book, proceeding reprints

How pharmaceuticals and personal care products affect our environment: and what you can do to make a difference
Juliet Simpson
2014, MITSG 14-02
Educational materials

Characterizing microbial denitrification and biogeochemical processes up-gradient, within, and down-gradient from a NITREX™ permeable reactive barrier in Waquoit Bay, MA
Collin Knauss, Kenly Hiller, Patrick Kearns, Sarah Feinman, Jennifer L. Bowen
2013, MITSG 13-36

Applications for sensor networks in coastal environments
Robert Chen, Thomas Little, Ferdinand Hellweger, Francesco Peri, Bernie Gardner, Mingshun Jiang, Robert Stevenson, John Duff, Duc Tran, Jun Suzuki, Robert Morris, Daniela Rus, Ben Wetherill, Yuting Zhang
2013, MITSG 13-32

Natural and synthetic estrogens in wastewater treatment plant effluent and the coastal ocean
David R. Griffith
2013, MITSG 13-29
Full theses / dissertations

Ten recommendations for advancing the assessment and management of non-indigenous species in marine ecosystems
Ojaveer Henn, Bella S. Galil, Dan Minchin, Sergej Olenin, Ana Amorim, Joao Canning-Clode, Paula Chainho, Gordon H. Copp, Stephan Gollasch, Anders Jelmert, Maiju Lehtiniemi, Cynthia McKenzie, Josip Mikus, Laurence Miossec, Anna Occhipinti-Ambrogi, Marijana Pecarevic, Judith A. Pederson, Gemma Quilez-Badia, Jeroen W. Wijsman, Argyro Zenetos
2013, MITSG 13-14
Journal, book, proceeding reprints

Remote identification of the invasive tunicate Didemnum vexillum using reflectance spectroscopy
Thomas Leeuw, Seth O. Newburg, Emmanuel Boss, Wayne Slade, Michael Soroka, Judith A. Pederson, Chrys Chryssostomidis, Franz Hover
2013, MITSG 13-13
Journal, book, proceeding reprints

Report on the 2010 Rapid Assessment Survey of Marine Species at New England Floating Docks and Rocky Shores
Chris McIntyre, Adrienne Pappal, Jan Smith, Judith A. Pederson
2013, MITSG 13-12
Technical reports

The cytochrome P450 genesis locus: the origin and evolution of animal cytochrome P450s
David R. Nelson, Jared V. Goldstone, John J. Stegeman
2013, MITSG 13-06
Journal, book, proceeding reprints

Identification and expression of multiple CYP1-like and CYP3-like genes in the bivalve mollusk Mytilus edulis
Juliano Zanette, Matthew J. Jenny, Jared V. Goldstone, Thiago Parente, Bruce R. Woodin, Afonso C. Bainy, John Stegeman
2013, MITSG 13-05
Journal, book, proceeding reprints

Ocean Science Internship 2012 @ Extended (online video)
Lillie M. Paquette
2012, MITSG 12-49
Videos / DVDs

Ocean Science Internship 2012 (online video)
Lillie M. Paquette
2012, MITSG 12-48
Videos / DVDs

A Day in the Life of a Marine Scientist (online video)
Lillie M. Paquette
2012, MITSG 12-46
Videos / DVDs

United States Report on Regulations, Introductions and Transfers of Marine Organisms
Judith A. Pederson, James T. Carlton, Paul Fofonoff, Matthew Bracken, Collins Johnson, Greg Ruiz
2012, MITSG 12-39
Journal, book, proceeding reprints

U.S. Annual Report: Update on Status of Invasive Species Research
Judith A. Pederson, Lisa Drake, Allegra Cangelosi, Mario N. Tamburri, Fred C. Dobbs, Greg Ruiz
2012, MITSG 12-38
Journal, book, proceeding reprints

Anthropogenic and External Influences on the Gulf of Maine: Workshop Summary
Madeleine Hall-Arber, Judy A. Pederson, Peter Wells
2012, MITSG 12-37
Journal, book, proceeding reprints

Advancing an Ecosystem Approach in the Gulf of Maine
Robert L. Stephenson, John H. Annala, Jeffrey A. Runge, Madeleine Hall-Arber
2012, MITSG 12-36

Ocean Sciences Quiz
2012, MITSG 12-34
Internet resources, topical websites

Aquaculture and capture fisheries: a conceptual approach toward an integrated economic-ecological analysis
Di Jin
2012, MITSG 12-20
Journal, book, proceeding reprints

Climate change and non-native species in the North Atlantic
Judith A. Pederson, Nova Mieszkowska, James T. Carlton, Stephan ? Gollasch, Anders Jelmert, Dan Minchin, Anna Occhipinti-Ambrogi, Inger Wallentinus
2011, MITSG 11-32
Journal, book, proceeding reprints

Polyethylene Devices: Passive Samplers for Measuring Dissolved Hydrophobic Organic Compounds in Aquatic Environments
Rachel G. Adams, Rainer Lohmann, Loretta A. Fernandez, J. K. MacFarlane, and P. M. Gschwend
2007, MITSG 07-07J
Journal, book, proceeding reprints

Stag-structured Matrix Modeling and Suggestions for Management of Atlantic Horseshoe Crab, "Limulus polyphemus," Populations on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.
Sara P. Grady, Ivan Valiela
2006, MITSG 06-04J
Journal, book, proceeding reprints

Fecundity and Spawning of the Atlantic Horseshoe Crab, "Limulus polyphemus," in Pleasant Bay, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA
Alison S. Leschen, Sara P. Grady, Ivan Valiela
2006, MITSG 06-03J
Journal, book, proceeding reprints

Marine Protected Areas: A Discussion with Stakeholders in the Gulf of Maine
Tracy Morin, Michael Connor, Jerry Schubel, David Shaw and Judith Pederson
2001, MITSG 01-19
Workshops, proceedings, symposia

Marine Bioinvasions: Proceedings of the First National Conference
Judy A Pederson
2000, MITSG 00-02
Workshops, proceedings, symposia

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How pharmaceuticals and personal care products affect our environment: and what you can do to make a difference
Juliet Simpson
2014, MITSG 14-02
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