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Julie Chalfant
2016, MITSG 16-02
Computer software

System-level Modeling of Cooling Networks in All Electric Ships
Hessam Babaee
2014, MITSG 14-18
Technical reports

Parametric Optimization of S-type Cables
Hessam Babaee
2014, MITSG 14-17
Technical reports

Interim Report on S3D/LEAPS Integration
Julie Chalfant, Matthew Ferrante, James Noble
2014, MITSG 14-16
Technical reports

New high fidelity numerical model to mitigate coastal flooding problems
Lillie M. Paquette
2014, MITSG 14-14
Videos / DVDs

MIT Sea Grant Newsletter: August 2014
Lillie M. Paquette
2014, MITSG 14-13

Optimization of lithium iron phosphate battery charging and performance
Aleksandar Misic
2014, MITSG 14-12
Technical reports

MIT WholeShip Constructor Code
Julie Chalfant
2013, MITSG 13-16
Handbooks, manuals, guides/aids

MIT WholeShip Constructor User’s Guide
Julie Chalfant
2013, MITSG 13-15
Handbooks, manuals, guides/aids

A Collaborative Early-Stage Ship Design Environment
Julie Chalfant, Blake Langland, Sherif Abdelwahed, Chryssostomos Chryssostomidis, Roger Dougal, Abhishek Dubey, Touria E. Mezyani, John Herbst, Thomas M. Kiehne, Juan Ordonez
2012, MITSG 12-55
Technical reports

Integrated Simulation Framework for Crash Back Operation
Stefano Brizzolara, Pradya Prempraneerach, George Em Karniadakis, Chryssostomos Chryssostomidis
2012, MITSG 12-07
Journal, book, proceeding reprints

Dual Ring Bus Electrical Distribution System for US Navy Destroyer- and Frigate-Sized Vessels
Chathan Cooke, Julie Chalfant, Chryssostomos Chryssostomidis
2012, MITSG 12-05
Technical reports

DC Fault Protection in Shipboard Power Systems using Z-Source Breakers
Pradya Prempraneerach, George Em Karniadakis, Chryssostomos Chryssostomidis
2011, MITSG 11-30

Hydrodynamic Design of a Family of Hybrid SWATH Unmanned Surface Vehicles
Stefano Brizzolara, Marco Bovio, Alessandro Federici, Giuliano Vernengo
2011, MITSG 11-21
Workshops, proceedings, symposia

Development of an Early Stage Ship Design Tool for Rapid Modeling in Paramarine
Eric Thurkins
2011, MITSG 11-20

Hierarchical Approach to Modular Machinery Arrangements in Early Stage Naval Electric Ship Design
David Jurkiewicz
2011, MITSG 11-19

Cooling System Early-Stage Design Tool for Naval Applications
Ethan R. Fiedel, Julie Chalfant, Chryssostomos Chryssostomidis
2011, MITSG 11-11
Workshops, proceedings, symposia

Simulation of a DC to DC Power Conversion Module for the All-Electric Ship
Weston L. Gray, James L. Kirtley, Julie Chalfant, Chryssostomos Chryssostomidis
2011, MITSG 11-09
Workshops, proceedings, symposia

Conserving Energy with No Watt Left Behind
Steve Leeb, James Kirtley
2011, MITSG 11-07
Technical reports

Structure and Analysis of the Z-Source MVDC Breaker
Keith A Corzine, Robert W Ashton
Workshops, proceedings, symposia

Dynamic Assessment and Co-Simulation of Thermal Management Strategies aboard Naval Surface Ships
Thomas M. Kiehne
Technical reports

Use of Real Time Digital Simulation and Hardware in the Loop to De-Risk Novel Control Algorithms
S. Loddick, U. Mupambireyi, S. Blair, A. Roscoe, K. Daffey, J. Watson
Workshops, proceedings, symposia

Science and Technology Challenges and Potential Game-Changing Opportunities
Michael Triantafyllou
2010, MITSG 10-36
Technical reports

Propeller blade stress estimates using lifting line theory
Brenden Epps, Jerod Ketcham, Chryssostomos Chryssostomidis
2010, MITSG 10-35

Study of Parallel AC and DC Electrical Distribution in the All-Electric Ship
Julie Chalfant, Chryssostomos Chryssostomidis, Matthew G. Angle
2010, MITSG 10-34
Workshops, proceedings, symposia

How much DC power is necessary?
Steve Leeb, James Kirtley, Warit Wichakool, Zachary Remscrim, Chad Tidd, J. Andrew Goshorn, Kevin Thomas, Robert W Cox, Rachel Chaney
2010, MITSG 10-28
Journal, book, proceeding reprints

Integrated Contra-Rotating Propulsion Drives for Thurst-Dense Propulsion Systems
Chryssostomos Chryssostomidis, James Kirtley, A. Slocum, Julie Chalfant
Technical reports

Stochastic Modeling of Integrated Power System Coupled to Hydrodynamics in the All-Electric Ship
Pradya Prempraneerach, James Kirtley, C. Chryssostomidis, M. S. Triantafyllou, and G. E. Karniadakis
2008, MITSG 08-27J
Technical reports

Whitepaper: Role of the Combat Power Monitor in Zonal Electrical Distribution in the NGIPS
Steve Leeb, James Kirtley

Induction Generator Power Conversion and Control
Steven Englebretson, James Kirtley
Technical reports

The Low Froude Number Wake of Floating Bluff Objects
George Triantafyllou, Athanasios Dimas
1989, MITSG 89-05P
Technical reports

Fishing vessel topics: reprints from "Commercial Fisheries News".
Clifford Goudey
1988, MITSG 88-9J
Technical reports

Improvements in part-load efficiency by reducing pressure ratio in regenerative gas-turbine engines
Theodosios P. Korakianitis (ch. Alexander), David Gordon Wilson
1986, MITSG 86-9

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How pharmaceuticals and personal care products affect our environment: and what you can do to make a difference
Juliet Simpson
2014, MITSG 14-02
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