MIT Doherty Career Development Chair

Past and Present Doherty Professors

2018 Andrew Babbin The Roles of Nitrogen Dynamics in Governing Coral Reef Health
2017 Themistoklis Sapsis Design of Optimal Experiments for Determining Extreme Event Statistics in Complex Systems
2016 Otto Cordero Systems Ecology of Particle Attached Microbial Communities
2015 Caroline Uhler Bayesian Gaussian Graphical Model Selection and Ocean Energy Utilization
2014 Niels Holten-Andersen Metal-Coordinating Polymers: Using Marine Biological Tricks to Assemble New Functional Materials
2013 Jonathan Runstadler Influenza Ecology in the Ocean Environment: Environmental Persistence, Viral Adaptation, and Transmission between Seabirds and Marine Mammals
2012 Timothy Lu Engineering Hybrid Biological-Electrical Systems for Ocean Engineering
2011 Kripa Varanasi Nanoengineered Surfaces for Hydrate Mitigation in Subsea Oil and Gas Operation
2010 Janelle Thompson Host-associated microbial communities (microbiome) in corals, their activity in response to environmental stress and to lesions caused by White Plague disease
2009 Pierre Lermusiaux Adaptive Sampling Using Swarms of Smart Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
2008 Eric J. Alm Modeling and Harnessing Genetic Diversity in Ocean Bacteria
2008 Franz S. Hover Autonomous Underwater Intervention in an Unstructured Environment
2007 Roman Stocker Insights in the Life of a Bacterium: Probing Microbial Processes Using Microfluids
2006 Vladimir Stojanovic Utilizing the Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output Capacity of Multi-Mode Fiber-Optic Communications Systems
2005 Patrick Doyle Drag Reduction: Investigating the Relation to Elongational Viscosity and Complex Polymer Molecules
2004 Anette Hosoi Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Oceanic Particle-laden Flows
2003 Charles Harvey Dynamics of Coastal Groundwater
2002 Alexandra Techet Embedded MEMS Based Shear Stress Sensors for Flow Measurement and Control of Marine Vehicle
2001 Julian Sachs Paleothermometry in Oceanic Sediments to Determine Abrupt Climate Change Mechanisms
2001 Bernhardt Trout Formation and Dissolution of CH4-Hydrates and CO2-Hydrates in the Ocean
2000 Nicholas Makris Monitoring Natural and Man-made Ambient Noise in Mass. Bay
2000 Martin Polz Quantitative Ecology of Harmful Microorganisms in Coastal, Marine Environment
1999 Bettina Voelker Effects of Terrestrial Organic Matter on the Speciation of Cu and Cd in Coastal Waters
1998 John Leonard Dynamic Underwater Sonar Data Fusion
1997 Paul Laibinis Reduced Metal Corrosion and Leaching Rates in Oceanic Conditions
1995 Frank Feng Surfactant Effect on Nonlinear Wave-Wave Interactions
1995 Heidi Nepf Hydrodynamic Effects of Vegetation in Coastal Regions
1994 Lee Krumholz Development of Technology to Combat Highly Chlorinated Organic Pollutants
1993 J. Robert Fricke Underwater Sea-Ice Imagery with an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
1992 Linda Cima arine Biopolymers for Medical Use: Cell Interaction with Alginate
1992 Harri Kytömaa Dynamic Resuspension and Settling of Particulate Beds
1991 Henrik Schmidt Autonomous Vehicle Acoustics
1990 Andrew Whittle Modeling of Rate Effects in Cohesive Soils
1989 Nicholas M. Patrikalakis Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing for Marine Systems
1987 S. Shyam Sunder Fracture Characterization of Ice
1987 Jean-Jacques Slotin Adaptive Control of Underwater Vehicle-Manipulator Systems
1986 Dale G. Karr Ice Acoustic Emission Theory/Micro-Mechanical Aspects of Ice Deformation
1985 Triantaphyllos Akylas Long-period Edge Waves on Natural Beaches
1984 Dick Yue Second Order Wave Forces
1983 Harold F. Hemond A Molecular Probe/Field Mass Spectrometer System for Quantification of Sediment Metabolism in Coastal Marshes
1982 Michael Triantafyllou A New Generation of Underwater Unmanned Tethered Vehicles Carrying Heavy Equipment at Large Depths
1981 Alexander M Klibanov Enzymatic Removal of Hazardous Pollutants from Industrial Aqueous Effluents
1980 Sallie W. Chisholm Study of Variability among Individuals in Populations of Micro-algae and its Role in Algal Dominance and Succession
1979 Harilaos Psaraftis The Design of an Emergency Pollution Response System for Small Oil Spills
1978 Francis Noblesse Implementation of a New Method for Evaluating the Wave Resistance of a Ship
1978 Alician V. Quinlan Ecodynamic Analysis of Algal Blooms Fouling Nahant Bay Beaches
1977 Ole S. Madsen Surf Zone Hydrodynamics
1976 J. Kim Vandiver Dynamic Analysis of Offshore Structures
1974 Francois M. Morel The Role of Trace Metals in the New England Red Tide

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