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Resiliency - Building for the Future

Marie Jordan, National Grid
Tuesday, June 17 @ 2:30pm


Economic damages from weather-related disasters approached record levels in 2012, with more than 800 major events worldwide and an estimated $130 billion in losses. Much of the impact was felt in the United States with Super Storm Sandy, droughts and tornadoes in the Midwest and raging wildfires in the West. Many utilities are looking for ways to improve the resilience of their networks. America’s gas and electricity networks, most of which were originally constructed more than 70 years ago, were once hailed by the National Academy of Engineering as America’s greatest technical achievement of the 20th century. Utility companies need to build a resilient backbone for our energy system that can provide reliable, flexible electric and gas service to all customers and integrate clean energy wherever it is located on the grid. We must understand that tomorrow’s power grid cannot look like today’s power grid and we will have to kill our 20th century infrastructure paradigm in order to have one that works for the 21st.


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