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Meeting our Environmental Protection Goals in the Face of a Changing Climate: Building Resilience from the Ground Up

Curt Spalding, EPA Region 1 Administrator, Environmental Protection Agency
Wednesday, June 18 @ 11:50am


The talk will be built upon our recently completed adaptation plan – what is EPA doing to address vulnerabilities to achieving its mission. EPA will be working with New England’s states and tribes to incorporate climate adaptation into our annual planning and funding efforts. Additionally it will focus on how EPA and Regional leaders who participated in a summit in November 2013 are working to help helping states and municipalities be resilient to climate impacts. Through collaborative leadership we are working on vulnerability assessments; state roundtables with federal partners to coordinate assessment resources; integrating climate planning into all municipal planning; developing a common data platform in New England; a communication initiative to make climate impacts and solutions local and personal; and scoping out smarter spending on resilient infrastructure.