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Pro-active Landscapes

Kristian Koreman, ZUS (Zones Urbaines Sensibles)
Tuesday, June 17 @ 11:50am


Landscapes can be understood as context, tissue, underground and scenery, but ZUS approaches landscapes as pro-active drivers for long-term transformations. Not only by means of protection, but moreover as a physical manifestation of the idea of an evolutionary urban landscape. Furthermore pro-active landscapes represent the ‘public’ aspect of space like no other and are therefore true political instruments. Bureau ZUS will present a few of its latest works, featuring pro-active landscapes such as Almere Dune and the Rotterdam Luchtsingel. As ZUS was part of the Rebuild by Design competition team MIT CAU + ZUS + Urbanisten their project New Meadowlands will be presented for the first time to a larger audience. The project is a response to climate change, but takes it as an opportunity for regional ecological restoration and adaptive re-use of industrial districts.


Kristian Koreman's CV
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