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Progressive Plant-Focused Bioengineering Strategies to Promote Coastal Adaptation

Seth Wilkinson, Wilkinson Ecological Design
Tuesday, June 17 @ 12:20pm


In highly productive habitat areas such as salt marshes, the plant community is often anchored in place by a peat layer, which can take centuries to develop. Given the realities of accelerated sea level rise, coastal adaptation dictates that many coastal plant communities will be and are experiencing rapid migration into areas without the proper substrate to anchor these plant communities. In the absence of a peat layer, Coconut fiber (Coir) and other biodegradable bioengineering materials can be very effective at securing restoration plantings in dynamic coastal wetlands where periodic inundation and wave action can challenge the fastest growing plants. This presentation will include specific techniques to realize effective results in restoration plantings. Case studies in the restoration of salt marshes, coastal banks and coastal dunes will be used to illustrate how effective these techniques can be to meet some of the most challenging restoration goals.