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National Weather Service Resources for Response to Inland and Coastal High Water Events

David Vallee, Northeast National Weather Service; Robert Thompson, Boston, MA National Weather Service
Monday, June 16 @ 12:10pm


The Northeast River Forecast Center has developed a Self-Briefing Page, which provides a one-stop-shop to a wide range of information related to both past and future hydrologic conditions in the region. Part of this session will demonstrate how partners can utilize the web page in support of high water and flood forecast operations. Another part of this session will focus on resources available from the Taunton, MA Weather Forecast Office to assist with response to coastal storms that impact southeast New England. This will include a look at the importance of and current methodologies for forecasting both waves and storm surge associated with a coastal storm threat, emerging tools to assist emergency managers and other decision-makers, a brief assessment of current day risks along the southeast New England coast, and the challenge of an inexperienced population. Our premise is that efforts at enhancing current day decision support services for storm threats will help lay the foundation for the resources needed to address increased frequency and severity of both inland and coastal impacts expected with climate change.


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