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How Boston is Planning for Climate Resiliency

Kairos Shen, Boston Redevelopment Authority
Tuesday, June 17 @ 3:50pm


Boston's planning for the last 25 years has been about reconnecting the downtown to the harbor and reclaiming Boston's identity as a Seaport. This basic planning objective led to the massive public investments of the last two decades to cleanup Boston Harbor and to depress the city's elevated highway. These public investments have, in turn, spurred the rapid private development in the South Boston Waterfront Innovation District.

It is a big irony that after all this effort to reconnect to the harbor that we now have to also acknowledge it as a threat because of climate change and sea level rise. This presentation will highlight how Boston is re-calibrating its relationship to the harbor and how the city is integrating climate resiliency in all of its planning efforts.

The presentation will cover:
1. The most current assessment of the city's climate vulnerabilities;
2. New development guidelines, zoning and building regulations to promote climate resiliency;
3. The city's pilot design efforts at exploring physical adaptations at different scales and neighborhoods;
4. Policies on how the city can continually assess the effectiveness of new regulations aimed at climate resiliency.