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Improving Storm Surge Risk Communication

Jamie Rhome, NOAA Center for Coastal Studies
Monday, June 16 @ 11:00am


Hurricanes such as Katrina, Ike, Isaac, and Sandy showed that communicating the storm surge hazard remains a challenge. Social science research has repeatedly shown that people’s hesitation to prepare for and evacuate from storm surge stems from their lack of understanding the hazard and their vulnerability to storm surge. Social Science Researchers working with the National Hurricane (NHC) and NHC users and partners concluded that development of a high-resolution storm surge inundation graphic could increase communities’ and individual’s understanding and awareness of, and response to, the storm surge hazard. The NHC will issue a new experimental storm surge inundation graphic during the 2014 hurricane season. Dissemination of this product is supported overwhelmingly by the emergency management and broadcast meteorologist communities. This presentation provides an overview of the new graphic and discusses associated outreach activities aimed at improving storm surge communication.


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