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Do the Economic Costs of Inaction Motivate Adaptation Action in Coastal Cities?

James Neumann, Industrial Economics
Wednesday, June 18 @ 1:30pm


Research on the economics of adapting to climate change is well underway but there remain significant gaps in methods and data to fill before the economic results can be used to support adaptation decisions. In this talk, Mr. Neumann will reference the economics of adapting to sea-level rise and storm surges in the coastal zone in three recent efforts: 1. The IPCC’s Working Group II report, in particular the chapter on the Economics of Adaptation; 2. The National Climate Assessment’s Coasts chapter; and 3. Work he is currently directing for USEPA and other clients to model coastal adaptation decision-making using economic analyses. While great uncertainties remain about the magnitude and timing of these effects, economic analyses show that early adaptation action in many locations can be highly cost-effective, but a key challenge for policy-makers is the decision about where to hold back the sea, and where to accommodate it.


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