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Challenges with the Built Environment

Michael Benedetto, Skansa
Tuesday, June 17 @ 1:30pm


Researchers are developing powerful new analytical tools which allow more accurate predictions and modeling of climate impacts than ever before. Owners of critical infrastructure, institutions, corporations, and building asset managers are now better positioned to assess the likely effects of climate impacts to their property and businesses. As modeling around these climate impacts takes shape, questions arise as to how to assess this new information, and determine the appropriate and responsible adaptations.

The data generated from these newest models will form the basis of regional and business adaptation measures now and in the future. These models are providing decision makers with valuable information and giving rise to questions relating to the merits of one set of adaptation measures over another. In order for adaptation investment to be effective, a connection needs to be established between the outputs of sophisticated science-based predictive models and the investment-based business world requiring near term results.

This talk will look at strategies which bridge between the various climate models and the business of owning and operating important regional and business assets. At the intersection of science and business, accurate analysis is required to achieve the results that will protect critical assets and maintain business continuity.


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