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SUSTAINING COASTAL CITIESJune 16-18, 2014 · Cambridge, MA


MIT Sea Grant College Program is convening a three-day Climate Change Symposium on Sustaining Coastal Cities. Leaders in academia, government, and private industry will address concerns for change in sea level, storm surges, extreme precipitation and flooding and options for adapting to these risks.

Noted speakers and experts with vested interests in public health and safety will share the latest scientific, technical and social information in three general thematic areas. With shared knowledge and increased understanding, we can move forward to wisely use, manage, and protect our coastal areas now and in the future.

Thematic Areas:

Current knowledge of the science and uncertainty associated with predictions and future scenarios of sea level rise, storms, precipitation, models, and tools as they apply to coastal cities and populations in Boston, Cambridge and surrounding towns.

Understanding risks and responsibilities for public health and safety and the politics and policies that limit what can be done within current practices and regulations.

Evaluating adaptation measures that include green landscaping, planning and implementation, communicating with the public, and identifying efforts to mitigate human-related impacts on climate.

Note to Architects - All sessions are qualified for AIA LU|HSW credits. [ MORE INFO ]

Note to Planners - This event has been approved for CM credit and is searchable by AICP members on APA's Calendar of Events.