MITSG Climate Change Publications

Climate change and storm preparedness in New England
Juliet Simpson
2014, MITSG 14-09

MIT Sea Grant Newsletter: August 2014
Lillie M. Paquette
2014, MITSG 14-13

New high fidelity numerical model to mitigate coastal flooding problems
Lillie M. Paquette
2014, MITSG 14-14
Videos / DVDs

Results from participatory hazard mitigation and climate change adaptation planning workshops in Boston, Massachusetts
Thomas Webler, Seth Tuler, Elizabeth Oriel
2013, MITSG 13-04
Technical reports

Massachusetts Homeowner's Handbook to Prepare for Coastal Hazards
Greg Berman, Juliet Simpson
2013, MITSG 13-10
Handbooks, manuals, guides/aids

Decision-support for Ecosystem-based Fishery Management in the Context of Marine Spatial Planning: Regional Economic Impact Models, Model Outputs, and Tradeoff Measures
Di Jin, Porter Hoagland
2013, MITSG 13-22

Online Climate Change Tools & Resources
Juliet Simpson
2012, MITSG 12-04
Promotional brochures

Planning for the Future: Climate Adaptation in Hazard Mitigation Plans and Comprehensive Water Resource Management Plans
Gregory Bailey, Jacob A Baril, Jonas A Bellini
2012, MITSG 12-10
Technical reports

Results from a VCAPS planning workshop for extreme weather and climate change in New Bedford and Fairhaven, Massachusetts: Final report
Thomas Webler, Seth Tuler, Toni M. Pignatelli
2012, MITSG 12-17
Technical reports

Decision-support for ecosystem-based fishery management
Porter Hoagland, Di Jin
2012, MITSG 12-21

Climate change and non-native species in the North Atlantic
Judith A. Pederson, Nova Mieszkowska, James T. Carlton, Stephan ? Gollasch, Anders Jelmert, Dan Minchin, Anna Occhipinti-Ambrogi, Inger Wallentinus
2011, MITSG 11-32
Journal, book, proceeding reprints

Identification and expression of multiple CYP1-like and CYP3-like genes in the bivalve mollusk Mytilus edulis
Juliano Zanette, Matthew J. Jenny, Jared V. Goldstone, Thiago Parente, Bruce R. Woodin, Afonso C. Bainy, John Stegeman
2013, MITSG 13-05
Journal, book, proceeding reprints

Extratropical storm inundation testbed: Intermodel comparisons in Scituate, Massachusetts
Changsheng Chen, Robert C. Beardsley, Richard A. Luettich Jr., Joannes J. Westerink, Harry Wang, Will Perrie, Qichun Xu, Aaron S. Donahue, Jianhua Qi, Huichan Lin, Liuzhi Zhao, Patrick C. Kerr, Yanqiu Meng, Bash Toulany
2013, MITSG 13-23
Journal, book, proceeding reprints

Impact of current-wave interaction on storm surge simulation: A case study for Hurricane Bob
Yunfang Sun, Changsheng Chen, Robert C C Beardsley, Qichun Xu, Jianhua Qi, Huichan Lin
2013, MITSG 13-25
Journal, book, proceeding reprints

Development of An Inundation Forecast System for Massachusetts Coastal Waters
Changsheng Chen, Robert C. Beardsley
2013, MITSG 13-26

Competing approaches to policy change in fisheries: the regional management council and stakeholder organizations
Madeleine Hall-Arber
2013, MITSG 13-31

Remotely monitoring marsh erosion and subsidence
Juliet Simpson, Benjamen Wetherill, Alex Mansfield
2013, MITSG 13-39
General reports, fact sheets, posters

Directory of social scientists
Madeleine Hall-Arber
2013, MITSG 13-37

Global Climate Evolution During the Last Deglaciation
Jess F Adkins, Peter U Clark, Jeremy D Shakun, Paul A Baker, Patrick J Bartlein, Simon Brewer, Ed Brook, Anders E Carlson, Hai Cheng, Darrell S Kaufman, Zhengyu Liu, Thomas M Marchitto, Alan C Mix, Carrie Morrill, Bette L Otto-Bliesner, Katharina Pahnke, James M Russell, Cathy Whitlock, Jessica L Blois, Jorie Clark, Steven M Colman, William B Curry, Ben P Flower, Feng He, Thomas C Johnson, Jean Lynch-Stieglitz, Vera Markgraf, Jerry McManus, Jerry X Mitrovica, Patricio I Moreno, John W Williams
2012, MITSG 12-06
Journal, book, proceeding reprints

The Use of Turbulent Jets to Destratify the Charles River Basin
Jeffrey H Church
2012, MITSG 12-08
Full theses / dissertations

A flexible underwater pressure sensor array using a conductive elastomer strain gauge
Frank M Yaul, Vladimir Bulovic, Jeffrey Lang
2012, MITSG 12-11
Journal, book, proceeding reprints

Global vorticity shedding for a vanishing wing
Martin S. Wibawa, S. C. Steele, J. M. Dahl, D. E. Rival, G. D. Weymouth, Michael S. Triantafyllou
2012, MITSG 12-12
Journal, book, proceeding reprints

Hindcasting Coastal Flooding in Scituate (MA) during the Dec. 27, 2010 Nor’easter
Robert C Beardsley, Changsheng Chen, Qichun Xu, Jianhua Qi, Huichan Lin
2012, MITSG 12-27

Impact of Current-Wave Interactions on Storm Surge Simulation: A Case Study for Hurricane Bob
Yunfang Sun, Changsheng Chen, Robert C Beardsley, Quchun Xu, Jianhua Qi, Huichan Lin
2012, MITSG 12-28

Space-Frequency Coded OFDM for Underwater Acoustic Communications
Eduard V. Zorita, Milica Stojanovic
2012, MITSG 12-35

Environment and Development: (Re)Connecting Community and Commons in New England Fisheries, USA
Kevin St. Martin, Madeleine Hall-Arber
2010, MITSG 10-09
Journal, book, proceeding reprints

An impulse framework for hydrodynamic force analysis: fish propulsion, water entry of spheres, and marine propellers
Brenden Epps
2010, MITSG 10-21
Full theses / dissertations

Science and Technology Challenges and Potential Game-Changing Opportunities
Michael Triantafyllou
2010, MITSG 10-36
Technical reports

Vorticity Transfer through Rapid Area Change
Martin S. Wibawa
2010, MITSG 10-25
Full theses / dissertations

Dynamic Response and Maneuvering Strategies of a Hybrid Autonomous Underwater Vehicle in Hovering
Lauren A Cooney
2009, MITSG 09-27TH
Full theses / dissertations

Sea Change
Andrea Cohen
2009, MITSG 09-15
Internet resources, topical websites

Underwater Wireless Video Transmission using Acoustic OFDM
Jordi Ribas
2009, MITSG 09-37
Full theses / dissertations

Creating a Place for "Community" in New England Fisheries
Kevin St. Martin, Madeleine Hall-Arber
2008, MITSG 08-06J
Journal, book, proceeding reprints

Co-Management at the Eleventh Hour? Participation in the Governance of the New England Groundfish Fishery
Madeleine Hall-Arber
2008, MITSG 08-08J
Technical reports

Sensitivity Analysis of the Shipboard Integrated Power System
Pradya Prempraneerach, Franz Hover, Michael Triantafyllou, Timothy J. McCoy , Chryssostomos Chryssostomidis , and George E. Karniadakis
2008, MITSG 08-02

Anthony S. Daniels, Michael G. Parsons

The Decline of Fisheries Resources in New England: Evaluating the Impact of Overfishing, Contamination, and Habitat Degradation
Robert Buchsbaum, Judith A Pederson, William E Robinson
2005, MITSG 05-05

Development of a Hybrid Agent-Genetic Algorithm Approach to General Arrangements
Anthony S. Daniels, Michael G. Parsons

Report of the Anglo-US Meeting on Cooperation for Cleaner Seas
James W Bales, James G Bellingham
1994, MITSG 94-21
Workshops, proceedings, symposia

The Dimensional Change of Polymers Under High Hydrostatic Pressure
Regina A. Middaugh, Clifford A. Goudey
1994, MITSG 94-28J
Technical reports

Boston Harbor's Murky Political Waters
Eric J. Dolin
1992, MITSG 92-20J
Technical reports

A colorimetric method for the enzymatic analysis of gases: the determination of ethanol and formaldehyde vapors using solid alcohol oxidase.
Eduardo Barzana Garcia, Marcus Karel, Alexander M Klibanov
1989, MITSG 89-18P
Technical reports

Human-interactive simulation and display of an underwater remotely operated vehicle
Thierry Royer
1985, MITSG 85-29TN
Technical reports

Part of bound volume

Part of bound volume

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