Climate Change

Over the last thirty years, Massachusetts coastal areas have seen increased growth in development and tourism, coinciding with increased runoff, sedimentation, nutrients and contaminants, and degradation of habitats. The public is concerned about climate change and sea level rise and its potential impacts including increased flooding, more intense and frequent storms, and increased coastal erosion and beach closures.

To address these concerns, MIT Sea Grant has hosted workshops on climate change education and computer modeling of changes to local ecosystems, developed web-based climate change tools, and actively participated in the national Working Waterfronts initiative. Our funded research has supported mapping projects, development of tools to predict hurricane strength, and tools to aid in community-level decision-making through involvement with public agencies and stakeholders.

In the future, we will continue our efforts to assess regional vulnerabilities of climate change, and understand the legal implications of marine spatial planning decisions. Outreach staff will work with the local community on projects involving identification of areas of increased risked due to climate change, and strategies for adaptation.

2014 Climate Change Symposium - Sustaining Coastal Cities Under Future Uncertainties

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MIT Sea Grant's 2014 Climate Change Symposium on Sustaining Coastal Cities was a smashing success, with experts in academia, government, and private industry, from Boston and around the world, convening to address concerns regarding sea level change, storm surge, extreme precipitation, and flooding, and options for adaption.

Tools and Resources

MITSG Climate Change Publications

We offer a complete list of guides and links introducing the fundamental science of climate change, as well as cutting-edge dialogue on climate change issues.

MIT Sea Grant-funded projects produce several publications each year involving a climate change topics relevant to our Strategic Plan.

Climate Change News

MIT Sea Grant's Climate Change Symposium on Sustaining Coastal Cities
6 / 24 / 2014

Register Now for Next Week's Climate Change Symposium on Sustaining Coastal Cities. Student Scholarships Available!
6 / 11 / 2014

2014 Blue Lobster Champions from Lexington High School represent Mass at the 17th Annual National Ocean Sciences Bowl in Seattle, WA
5 / 9 / 2014

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