CFER Project Title: Passive Acoustic Applications in Marine Fisheries
PIs: Clifford Goudey, MIT Sea Grant, Rodney Rountree, UMass/Dartmouth and Tony Hawkins, University of Aberdeen, King's College, UK

Research Protocol Outline
Preliminary Project Findings

Project Summary: On April 8-10, 2002, MIT Sea Grant hosted the first international workshop on the application of passive acoustics in fisheries. More than 40 North American and European experts from fisheries, fish biology, acoustics, signal processing, underwater technology and related fields exchanged research results, knowledge and ideas.

Products resulting from this workshop include a 32-page brochure describing the emerging field of passive acoustics applied to fisheries (Goudey, Rountree and Hawkins 2003) and a 185-page proceedings (Rountree, Goudey and Hawkins 2003). In the fall of 2002, the proposers began a project titled "The Identification of Cod and Haddock Spawning Habitat Using Passive Acoustics" sponsored by the Northeast Consortium. Under this project we have developed innovative, low-cost Autonomous Underwater Listening Stations (AULS). The AULS hardware is specifically designed for deployment from commercial fishing vessels. The research protocol outline can be found here; preliminary data can be viewed here.


Related Publications

Listening to Fish: Passive Acoustic Applications in Marine Fisheries.
MITSG 03-1.


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Deployment example photo

Listening to Fish: Passive Acoustic Applications in Marine Fisheries. Proceedings from an International Workshop in Passive Acoustics, 8-10 April 2002, MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts.
MITSG 03-2.

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