CFER Project Title: The Ocean Drifter -- Fish Farming on a Global Scale
PI: Clifford Goudey, MIT Sea Grant

Project Summary: CFER is developing a novel approach to open-ocean aquaculture. The Ocean Drifter is a self-propelled fish farming system that can operate in the open ocean and survive the severest marine weather conditions. The concept is a derivative of Sea Station® except it is much larger and has its own propulsion and maneuvering system. Model tests at DTMB have demonstrated the seaworthiness of the concept and characterized the power requirements. Current attention is on operational optimization in ocean currents.

Full Overview -- Ocean Drifter

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Model Tests and Operational Optimization of a Self-propelled
Open-ocean Fish Farm
(.pdf document)
Clifford A. Goudey, MIT Sea Grant. In: A. Biran, Ed. Proceedings Offshore Technologies for Aquaculture. Haifa, Israel, 13-16 Oct. 1998

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