Center for Fisheries Engineering Research (CFER)
PIs: Clifford Goudey, MIT Sea Grant; Brandy M. M. Wilbur, MIT Sea Grant; Kenneth Ekstrom, MIT Sea Grant

Project Summary: The Center for Fisheries Engineering Research (CFER) is a focused research effort of the MIT Sea Grant College Program. CFER's mission is the solution of problems facing the fishing and aquaculture industries of Massachusetts and the nation. While all CFER projects include the application of engineering know-how, projects are typically multi-disciplinary and often involve biological, social and management issues.

CFER-related projects and partnerships in the news

Whales safer with new buoy
How can trombones help keep whales safe at sea? With a little MIT ingenuity.

Andrea Cohen, MIT Sea Grant
May 19, 2004

website: The Whale-free Buoy

Listen up and learn what fish have to say
Eric Williams, Staff Writer
Cape Cod Times
March 23, 2005

BREWSTER - Has this happened to you? You're snorkeling at sunset, trying to enjoy a little peace and quiet, but all of a sudden an overwhelming chorus drives you to the surface where you rip off your mask and say: Shut up you striped cusk-eels!
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