An International Workshop on the Application of Passive Acoustics in Fisheries
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Research Programs
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3) *Speaker for co-authored papers

Research Program Papers
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Donald M. Baltz
Spawning Site Selection by Coastal Fishes in the Northern Gulf of Mexico

Carol Bloomgarden
Creating a Web-based Library of Underwater Biological Sounds

Joseph E. Blue

Charles A. Barans, David Schmidt, Myra C. Brouwer*
Potential for coupling of underwater TV monitoring with passive acoustics

Mark Collins*, Bridget Callahan, Bill Post, and Amanda Avildsen
Locating sciaenid spawning aggregations in anticipation of harbor modifications, and reactions of spotted sea trout spawners to acoustic disturbance

Martin Connaughton
Sound production in family Sciaenidae

David Demer
SWFSC's Advanced Survey Technologies Program (AST)

Michael Fine

Stephen E. Forsythe
Multihydrophone localization of low frequency broadband sources

Susan B. Fudge* and G.A. Rose
Spawning cod research at the Fisheries Conservation Chair

Grant Gilmore
Aquatic Ecology and Fish Biology: Kennedy Space Center, Florida

Tony Hawkins
Searching for Spawning Fish

Scott Holt

Susan Jarvis
M3R--Marine Mammal Monitoring on Navy Ranges

Phillip S. Lobel

Joseph Luczkovich and Mark Sprague
East Carolina University Fish Acoustics Research Team

David Mann

Jarle Tryti Nordeide

Jan Tore Ovredal
The use of biological sounds for selective fisheries

Bill Roumillat*, Myra Brouwer
Applications of underwater acoustics data in fisheries smanagement for spotted seatrout, Cynoscion nebulosus, in estuaries of South Carolina

Rodney Rountree
Soniferous Fishes of Massachusetts

Sherrylynn Rowe* and Jeffrey A. Hutchings
The mating behaviour of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua)

Kevin Wong
The application of passive acoustics to assess, monitor, and protect the coral reef ecosystems of the U.S. Pacific Islands

Mark Wood

Hong Young Yan
Knowing How Well Fish Can Hear

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