The Blue Lobster Bowl: Volunteer Roles

Every year, over 70 volunteers from the local community come out to make MIT Sea Grant's Blue Lobster Bowl possible. These volunteers can play an active role in the competition as competition officials, question graders, or act as support personnel.

Each room of the competition includes a team of 7 volunteer competition officals. The competition officials in each room are the Moderator, Science Judge, Rules Judge, Scorekeeper, Timekeeper, and Runner.

Volunteer assignments are made by the Regional Coordinator of the Blue Lobster Bowl. If you are interested in serving in a specific capacity, feel free to make your preference known, and it will be accomidated whenever possible. However, please note that orchestrating volunteer roles is a complicated process, and you may not always be assigned your first preference in roles. Thanks for your patience.

The volunteer registration deadline is February 2, 2015. To volunteer, please register at

Competition Officials

All competition officials will be trained before the day of the competition.


In addition to the competition officials that run the matches in each room, the Blue Lobster Bowl uses volunteers to grade the longer, hand-written Team Challenge Questions. Volunteers are situated in the Judge's Appeals room, and grade team responses to Team Challenge Questions as they are brought to the Appeals room by runners.

Support Roles

Volunteers interested in helping with the Blue Lobster Bowl in a general capacity can assist in directing the student teams to the right rooms, helping with the distribution of competition materials, and making sure that competiton meals run smoothly.


To learn more about the program, or ask questions, please contact us at:

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