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Alien Species and Other Notable Records from a Rapid Assessment Survey of Marinas on the South Coast of England
F. Arenas, J. Bishop, J. Carlton, P. Dyrynda, W. Farnham, D. Gonzalez, M. Jacobs, C. Lambert, G. Lambert, S. Nielsen, J. Pederson, J. Porter, S. Ward, and C. Ward
MITSG 06-9J 24pp
This paper presents the findings of a rapid assessment survey for non-native species at 12 harbors along the south coast of England. Along with turning up 20 recognized non-native species, the survey indicated that dock pontoon systems in southern England are significant reservoirs of non-native species dispersed by vessels and other means.

Boundary Layer Separation by Lorentz Force Actuators
S. Dattarajan and Hamid Johari, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
MITSG 07-2J 16pp
This experimental study focused on examining the performance of an electro-magneto-hydrodynamic actuator in separation control in a weakly conductive fluid. Reprinted from the Proceedings of the 36th AIAA Fluid Dynamics Conference and Exhibit, June 5-8, 2006, San Francisco, CA.

The colonial ascidian Didemnum sp. A: Current Distribution, Basic Biology and Potential Threat to Marine Communities of the NE and West Coasts of North America
S. Bullard, G. Lambert, M. Carman, J. Byrnes, R. Whitlatch, G. Ruiz, R. Miller, L. Harris, P. Valentine, J. Colley, J. Pederson, D. McNaught, A. Cohen, R. Asch, J. Dijkstra, and K. Heinonen
MITSG 07-4J 10pp
Didemnum sp. A is a colonial ascidian with rapidly expanding populations on the East and West coasts of North America. Researchers present the findings of surveys from Maine to Virginia and from British Columbia to southern California.

Coastal Hazards in Massachusetts: Discussions with Local Legislators (DVD)
James F. O'Connell, Woods Hole Sea Grant and Cape Cod Cooperative Extension
Massachusetts State Representatives Frank Hynes and Eric Turkington represent several coastal communities along the South Shore, Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, and Nantucket and are concerned with safety issues and preserving important coastal resources. Both legislators serve on the Massachusetts Coastal Hazards Commission and recently sat down with Jim O'Connell to discuss shoreline issues.

DGGE-based Detection Method for Quahog Parasite Unknown (QPX)
R.J. Gast, WHOI; E. Cushman, Palm Beach Atlantic Univ.; D.M. Moran, WHOI; K.R. Uhlinger, Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL); D. Leavitt, Rogers Williams Univ.; and R. Smolowitz, MBL
WHOI-R-06-003 8pp
QPX is a significant cause of hard clam Mercenaria mercenaria mortality along the Northeast coast of the U.S. It infects both wild and cultured clams, often annually, in plots that are heavily farmed. Subclinically infected clams can be identified by histological examination of the mantle tissue, but there is currently no method available to monitor the presence of QPX in the environment. This paper presents a polymerase chain reaction (PCR)-based method that will facilitate the detection of QPX in natural samples and seed clams. Reprinted from Diseases of Aquatic Organisms, Vol. 70, pp. 115-122.

A Revised Late Holocene Sea-Level Record for Northern Massachusetts, USA
Jeffrey P. Donnelly, WHOI
WHOI-R-06-004 11pp
This paper details how the author used radiocarbon-dated tidal saltmarsh deposits to construct a late Holocene sea-level history at Romney Marsh in Revere, Massachusetts, to refine the sea-level chronology for northern Massachusetts. Reprinted from Journal of Coastal Research, Vol. 22, No. 5, pp. 1051-1061.

Groundwater-transported Dissolved Organic Nitrogen Exports from Coastal Watersheds
Kevin D. Kroeger, Marci L. Cole, and Ivan Valiela, Boston University Marine Program
WHOI-R-06-005 14pp
In this paper, the authors present the results they received when they analyzed groundwater-transported nitrogen (N) exports from 41 watershed segments that comprised 10 Cape Cod watersheds to test the hypothesis that the chemical form of N exports is related to land use and to length of flow paths through watersheds. Reprinted from Limnol. Oceanogr., Vol. 51, No. 5, pp. 2248-2261.