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What's in Your Beach Bag?

A companion to Woods Hole Sea Grant's popular Beachcomber's Companion(c)--the easy-to-use guide to common Atlantic coast marine invertebrates--this site can help you pack your beach bag with plenty of fun facts and web resources on beachcombing and marine invertebrates. If you don't live near the coast, or even if you do, you can go virtual beachcombing on this site! Find a critter that makes you smile? Share it with a friend by sending an e-Postcard. And, while you're there, be sure to purchase a set of waterproof marine invertebrate field cards for your next trip to the shore.

Radar Reflectors and Sea Kayaks

Do radar reflectors make kayaks more visible to vessels operating radar? Learn more about a Maine Sea Grant project that reviewed the effectiveness of a variety of commercial and homemade radar reflectors in increasing the visibility of sea kayaks on radar. Information about how radar works as well as recommendations for radar operators, paddlers, and manufacturers can be found on the site.

NOAA Celebrates 200 Years

During 2007 the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) celebrates 200 years of science, service, and stewardship provided to the American public by NOAA and its predecessors. There are many great stories to tell, from the founding of the U.S. Survey of the Coast by Thomas Jefferson to the present-day activities of an agency dedicated to the protection, management, and understanding of our ocean, coasts, and skies. The site also includes information on events and activities scheduled throughout the year; a list of "Top Ten" history makers, breakthroughs, historic events, and more.

Storm Information for Coastal Officials

Do you know where to find storm-related data and resources on the Internet? This NOAA Coastal Services Center resource will direct you to Web sites that provide storm-related data and tools and will also guide you through the steps to obtain, display, and map storm-related data using geographic information systems (GIS).

Hurricanes in the Northeast

Learn about what to expect and how to prepare for hurricanes in the Northeast. This site also offers daily updates for Atlantic tropical weather and cyclone forecasts and advisories.

All Eyes on the Osprey

The seasonal occupants of an osprey nest located on WHOI's Quissett Campus are back! Last year we watched as a pair raised two young osprey-what will 2007 bring? Visit the site for live images via our web cam, updates, and information on previous seasons.