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MITSG 08-7J $4, 15 pp
The Community Panels Project: Citizen's Groups for Social Science Research and Monitoring
Madeleine Hall-Arber, MIT Sea Grant

This report discusses a collaborative project on using community-based data collection and analysis to help address the scarcity of social science data on the fishing industry and fishing communities in the Northeastern U.S.. Community panels included harvesters, processors, and shoreside business owners, and identified issues of concern such as the impacts of new fishery management plans.

MITSG 08-9 $40, 103 pp
5th International Conference on Marine Bioinvasions: Integrating Knowledge for Managing Impacts
Judith A. Pederson, MIT Sea Grant, and April M. H. Blakeslee, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center (editors)

This publication includes selected papers of a conference held at MIT May 21-24, 2007. The publication discusses marine bioinvasion vectors, patterns, distribution, ecological and evolutionary consequences, economic impacts, biosecurity approaches, and natural and invasion impacts on biodiversity.

MITSG 08-13J $2, 8 pp
The Crosslinking and Antimicrobial Properties of Tunichrome
Mingmei Cai, Manickam Sugumaran and William E. Robinson, UMASS-Boston

Tunichromes are small peptides containing one or more dehydrodopa derived units that have been identified in the blood cells of at least eleven species of tunicates. This paper discusses experiments that suggest that tunichromes participate in tunic production by forming adducts and crosslinks with structural proteins and/or carbohydrate polymers, which could be beneficial for defense reactions against invading microorganisms.

MITSG 08-18J $2, 3 pp
Optical Imaging of Ocean Plankton
Cabell S. Davis, WHOI

Plankton are the primary form of life in the ocean and constitute the base of the marine food web. This publication describes new digital optical sampling methods, such as video and holography, which are providing new insights into plankton ecology.

WHOI-R-07-009 Free
Effects of Turbulence-mediated Larval Behavior on Larval Supply and Settlement in Tidal Currents
Heidi L. Fuchs, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and Michael G. Neubert and Lauren S. Mullineaux, WHOI

Intertidal gastropod larvae retract their vela and sink in strong turbulence, and this behavior potentially increases settlement in turbulent coastal habitats. As part of their research, the authors incorporated turbulence-induced sinking behavior of mud snail larvae in a vertical advection-diffusion model to characterize behavioral effects on larval supply and settlement in a tidal channel.

WHOI-R-08-001 Free
Estimating Atmospheric Nitrogen Deposition in the Northeastern United States: Relevance to Narragansett Bay
Robert W. Howarth, Cornell University

Over the past several decades, nitrogen pollution has grown to be perhaps the largest pollution problem in the coastal waters of the United States. This article examines the sources of the pollution specific to Narragansett Bay.

WHOI-I-08-001 Available online
Directory of Cape and Islands Coastal Outreach Organizations
Sheri D. DeRosa, (editor), Woods Hole Sea Grant

Updated annually, this directory includes over 250 private organizations, town departments, and county, state, and federal agencies working to increase public knowledge and understanding of the area's coastal and marine resources. All public and private schools located on the Cape and Islands are also included. Each listing contains contact information, a description of the organization, and more. See

WHOI-V-08-001 $10 to purchase ($3 loan)
Oceans Alive Presentations
Woods Hole Sea Grant

This DVD showcases WHSG's popular lecture series "Oceans Alive: Plain Talk on Current Topics in Marine Science Presented for the General Public." DVD may be of interest to teachers seeking to broaden their own marine science knowledge and for classroom use. Presentations include Right Whale Auto Detection Buoy Network in Cape Cod Bay; Achilles' Jaw? The Biomechanics of Fatal Jaw Fractures in Right Whales; and Young Scientists Present: Winning Science Fair Projects.