Coastal Decision Maker Workshops are specifically designed to inform coastal decision-makers about current science and management issues. Many of the workshops include practical information on addressing identified coastal management problems. For more information and the current schedule, visit

February 12-16, 2009
2009 AAAS Annual Meeting. Chicago, Illinois. The meeting's theme is Our Planet and its Life: Origins and Futures, with nearly 175 symposia, seminars and workshops, as well as lectures by some of the world's leading scientists and engineers. See

February 28, 2009
2009 Annual Environmental Conference. Worcester, Massachusetts. Sponsored by the Massachusetts Association of Conservation Commissions, this is the largest environmental conference in New England and includes workshop topics that will enhance the knowledge and expertise of the region's environmental stewards. For more information, visit

April 25, 2009
Annual Charles River Clean-up, along the river's 80 miles. All volunteers are welcome. For more information, contact Andrea Cohen at or see

July 19-23, 2009
Coastal Zone '09. Boston, Massachusetts. Titled "Revolutionary Times: Catching the Wave of Change," this conference will explore how the coastal and ocean landscape is changing, whether it's the climate, shoreline, or habitat. For more information, visit